Wanna understand the world? Study Theology.

I just came across this video from Audrey Assad. Beautiful rendition of a classic hymn. I will give you a bit to listen.

One of the most blessed experiences I have had since coming to seminary is the opportunity to study the faith on a level I never imagined possible. There are some courses where I come out of each and every session with my mind blown, giving thanks to God for His creation and work in salvation, praying that I might be able to grasp even a fraction of this wonder. I am certainly not the best student: I procrastinate for sure, and could always work a bit harder, but the privilege of being able to take time to study these mysteries is a reality that is not lost on me, and I realize that I will likely never have it at any other time in my life.

Case in point: almost every single word in the above song takes on more weight, extra meaning. Studying scripture and theology has had a more profound effect on my own faith, how I view myself, and how I view the world around me, whether in terms of science, morality, or relationally, just to name a few, than I can possibly fathom.

Thank you Lord.

But you do not have to be in seminary or get a Master’s degree in theology to have this experience! We all have the opportunity to deepen our faith, to study, and reflect. He calls us all into a more profound understanding of His love. Whether you are taking 17 units in graduate theology, or simply want to start reading a single book, the opportunity is there. Read the daily mass readings. Make a commitment to read a little scripture each day. Pick up a book by a classic author or saint. Even if you only have a few minutes, take the time each day to study, to pray, to reflect. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

To God be the Glory.


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